White Selenite Sticks

White Selenite Sticks

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3" in length and between 1-2oz. Your stick will be shipped one single sick in a cotton bag drawstring bag.

White Selenite, known as the Goddess Stone, is a gypsum mineral and an essential crystal for cleansing and purifying our aura to direct the flow of energy. If you are sensitive to other people’s emotional energy or the energy of the space around you, then using selenite sticks or wands to cleanse yourself or your space can help reduce the negative impacts. Selenite has an exceptionally high and pure vibration which promotes super-consciousness. It connects us with our Highest Self, our Spirit Guides, and lights up the mystical pathway between ourselves and the Divine. Selenite propels us forward, continually asking us to become the brilliant and vibrant person we are capable of becoming.

To charge or cleanse your Goddess Stone: Place the crystal in the sun for 15-20 minutes or in the moonlight over night. Place the crystal in a bowl of salt or use a singing bell. Pass it through your smudge stick smoke for quick release and periodic cleansing. 

To begin using your crystal, hold it in your hand and imagine a nice bright and warm light surrounding the stick and you. Take a deep breath and then state your affirmation of connection to your crystal. The most common uses are to place over doorways or entry points to a space as protection, to place it over the chakras in ritual cleansing, to meditate while holding it, to cleanse other crystals or objects, and wearing it as an amulet or jewelry.

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